How To Start Your Own Self Care Kit

Having a self care kit helps to keep you physically, emotionally, and intellectually strong.  Self Care is known to improve your mood and well being.  Self care can help relieve stress and leave you feeling more relaxed.  Self care can also leave you feeling energized, inspired, nurtured, and creative.  Creating a self care kit is a way of giving yourself permission to take care of your own needs.

There are many containers you can use to keep your kit together.  You could decorate a shoe box.  You could use a large popcorn tin.  A toolbox or a bag would be good if you need your kit to be portable.  A basket is a great way to keep your kit out where you will see it and grab a moment for yourself.  With so many options, choose one that works for the way you wish to use your kit.

Creating your own self care kit is a personalized experience.  Self Care is about taking care of your own needs.  Each person is seeking to experience their own desired feeling from nurturing themselves.  Before you fill your kit, take a moment to consider what feeling(s) you desire to achieve from your kit.  Some feelings you may desire are:

  • calm
  • relaxed
  • energized
  • self accepting
  • inspired
  • creative
  • nurtured
  • understanding
  • warm
  • compassionate
  • connected

Once you know the desired feelings consider the activities that will bring about those feelings for yourself.  Think of things that will appeal to all five of your senses as well as fun activities.  Some items that you may find useful in your kit are:

  • journal
  • puzzle book
  • favorite book(poetry, novel,etc.)
  • adult coloring book
  • colored pencils, markers, pens
  • craft (knitting, cross stitch, etc)
  • ear plugs
  • music (relaxing, guided meditation, nature sounds, inspiring, etc.)
  • inspirational quotes, positive affirmations
  • candles
  • incense
  • essential oils
  • stress ball
  • silly putty, modeling clay (helps when you feel anxious)
  • bubbles (helps you remember to take deep breaths)
  • tea
  • hot cocoa
  • special chocolate
  • hard candy
  • salty snack
  • protein snack
  • stones & gems
  • body wash, bubble bath
  • lotion, cream
  • nail polish
  • eye mask
  • fuzzy socks

Have fun creating you own personalized kit.  You can start small with a few things you already have around the house.  Over time you can enjoy adding scented items you like, special snacks, and supplies for special activities.  Most of all enjoy using your self care basket once you have it assembled.

Here is a link to my maven board for self care items to get you started.  This is an affiliate link where I receive compensation for your purchase.  Thank you for supporting me.

Self Care Basket maven board