Getting Started With Meditation

Google meditation and it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed.  There are literally hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of ways to participate in meditation!  Meditation is about being relaxed and aware.  As stated at , “Authentic meditation enables one to focus on the present moment rather than dwell on the unchangeable past or undetermined future.”

Meditation can be done while sitting, lying down, standing, or even walking.  With so many ways to do meditation, I will introduce just a few here to get you started.

  1. Guided Meditation is a form of meditation where someone guides the way for your attention.  This can be done in different ways.  Guided imagery is when you are led to  imagine an object, entity, scenery, or journey.  Here is a sample of one imagining yourself walking along a beach.  Relaxation and Body Scans are usually accompanied by music or nature sounds.  Click here for an example of a body scan.  Another guided meditation uses positive affirmations to imprint a message on your mind.  Click here for an example of a positive affirmation.
  2. In Mindfulness Meditation  the focus is usually on your breath.
  3. In Sound Meditation you focus on a sound such as ambient music like a Native American flute.
  4. In Gazing Meditation you focus on an object such as a candle.
  5. Chakra Meditation is focused on the 7 energetic centers in the body.
  6. Yoga Meditation takes yoga to a new level of inward awareness.  I prefer a Restorative Yoga & Meditation myself.
  7. Tai Chi is a form of Qigong Meditation.  In Qigong Meditation you do a series of slow movements.

With so many ways to meditate, I believe there is a style for everyone.  Meditation is a great way to relax and reduce your stress.  I encourage you to try a way that looks appealing to you.  You may even find a class near you so you can practice with other people.  I can see so many ways I want to try myself!

Feel free to leave a comment below  if you found this useful.