February Reflections

Where did February go?  I can’t believe it’s already March!  Just as anything that runs short, there are things I wish I had had more time for.  There wasn’t much snow this year so I haven’t been able to take the time to put on some cross country skis yet!   I did enjoy a few weeks of drinking hot mint tea to combat a head cold.  Reflecting back there have been a lot of little moments I have enjoyed through out the month!

February Self Care Moments

  • Another great social outing with friends to paint ceramics!  I progressed past sponge painting this time!  Instead I decided I wanted a marbled look.  So I came up with my own creative fun way of getting the look I wanted.  I’m really not good with a paint brush, so as my friends say, it looked like I was the child who would never leave a paint and spin booth at the fair.  Well they were pretty close on that.  I owned a paint and spin that I loved using until I ran out of paint.
  • Lit some candles!  I really got into burning some candles for a few days while I worked.  It was great smelling the sage candle as I worked.  Too bad it’s gone.  I burned my normal cinnamon one about a week ago while settling down for bed.  One of my girls didn’t like that idea for me.  I also ate by candle light a few times.  It was nice eating while watching the flame flicker and the fun candle holder design.  Super excited that a friend wants me to take her to Yankee Candle soon.  Not just the mall store but we will probably go to the big shop in Deerfield, Massachusetts  in March!  
  • I gave art journaling a try.  I discovered that even I can work in an art journal.  It is relaxing once you let yourself get into being creative with it.  My mathematical perfectionist side often conflicts with the creative random side for art projects.  Slowly the creative random side is starting to win out just a little.
  • I accepted the self care challenge to go out to eat lunch with someone I haven’t spoken to in awhile, but should do so more often.  My Aunt and I had a very nice lunch at the Steaming Tender in Palmer, Massachusetts!  It’s an old train depot that trains still pass through.  We were lucky enough to see one before we left!  The food there is delicious.  I had a gluten free Lobster Penne & Cheese.  So much food it took me 3 days to eat it all!  My Aunt had also ordered us a Portabella Napoleon appetizer that was Portabella Mushrooms with roasted peppers and some Gorgonzola cheese on top.  It was delicious just like everything else I’ve ever had there.  
  • I registered for an essential oils 6 week class!  It start March 2.  I’m so excited to learn more about them and how to use them so I can try making some of my own soap, candles, and perhaps lotion!
  • I went out for desert to catch up with a friend for her birthday this past week!  She puts her youngest to bed around 7:30 and leaves her husband to watch the two kids while we go out to desert.   We are fortunate to have a restaurant in our small town that serves a very good flan!

Looking Forward to March

  • March 1, I picked up 6 fancy tea cups at Salvation Army for only $10 total!  I am looking forward to using it for this months mindful tea drinking self care challenge as well as any other time I feel like I need a break to just relax.
  • The self care calendar challenge has a day to practice a hobby!  Could be any hobby you enjoy.  I broke my cup this past week, so I’ve  been looking for an excuse to paint some more ceramics, so guess what my new hobby may be.
  • The candles were nice in February, so I’m looking forward to finding some more ways to relax with candles!
  • To end March there is a challenge to play a game/activity from when you were a child with your family/friends!  I’m not sure what I’ll choose because there are so many.  My parents passed down some of their game closet to me and my siblings so I have some oldies but goodies like Park & Shop, Aquire, and Situation 4!

I had some great moments in February!  What were your favorite moments in February?  March has plenty to look forward to with a fresh set of Self Care Calendar Challenges and the addition of Daily Journal Prompts.  What are you looking forward to in March?  Is there something you want to learn about?  Please share some of your responses in the comments.

6 Replies to “February Reflections”

    1. I got a pretty pack of lighters in the checkout lane at Walmart about a month ago. I light a toothpick to light the candle if I can’t reach the wick with the lighter.

  1. I drink at least one cup of tea a day to relax usually right before bed. I love the art journaling idea. I also have a slight problem with it, though, I am in need of instant gratification for me that means if I start something I feel as though I absolutely need to finish it quickly. I need to work on being patient with myself especially.

    1. To finish an art journal page quickly, find art supplies that work . The stickers I used didn’t need dry time so I could move on to gluing in some ribbons and then it was done. Doodling with crayons, colored pencils, markers, highlighters, and colored pens can go quickly and then you can glue a favorite poem, quote, or even magazine clipping(s) on top to be done. I had fun doing it and maybe you will also. You can set your child up next to you with paper and supplies for art work as well, so you can do it with less distraction.

  2. This February sharing with friends has been the best whether it’s new old friends that I hadn’t seen in weeks, or old old friends that I hadn’t seen in 17 years, I realize how blessed I really am. I had a great time making soap that’s 166 years old, which I have been wanting to make for 20 years. As far as looking to the future in March, I am going to learn to quilt on a quilting machine! I have lessons for March 22 and 30th, and the best part is that they are free! A new spring challenge.

    1. I will miss you this month, but we are all taking classes to improve our Intellectual self care this month. I have a great one on Essential Oils I am taking for the next 5 weeks! I took one on vision boards with some local friends last night. I hope R. is enjoying her art classes.

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