Curious About Essential Oils?

For the past six weeks I’ve been taking a class on essential oils.  It started as a curiosity as some of my friends use them for things like spraying some lavender on pillows to help with sleep or making some soaps.  When I saw a class offered locally I thought why not take the course, learn a little bit about essential oils, and learn to how I can use them to make things like candles, soaps, and my own spa bath materials.  Sounds like fun, right?  Well here it is six weeks later and I have learned so much more.

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March Reflections

What an emotional roller coaster March was for me.  Glad it’s over!  One lesson learned this past month is that you can’t have too much self care, but you can have too little.  Finding the right balance between adulting and self care can be tricky.   Reflecting back on March, I have to say along with the many downs of divorce stuff there have been ups as well with my own self care.

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