March Reflections

What an emotional roller coaster March was for me.  Glad it’s over!  One lesson learned this past month is that you can’t have too much self care, but you can have too little.  Finding the right balance between adulting and self care can be tricky.   Reflecting back on March, I have to say along with the many downs of divorce stuff there have been ups as well with my own self care.

March Self Care Moments

  • Vision Board class – I really enjoyed the vision board class with my friends.  It’s great having a visual reminder of the direction I want to go in life!  Now that I think about it some photos may not mean what I originally thought.  For example I have bottles to represent essential oils because I wanted to learn about them and incorporate some into some projects, but as you will hear more about I’ve actually jumped into incorporating them in a larger way into my life!
  • Essential Oils class – This has probably been the best self care gift I gave myself this month.  I went even on nights I didn’t emotionally feel like doing anything and came out of each class in a better mood.  Could have been the great scents being diffused and enjoyed during class or the great friends I feel like I’ve made during the class.  I will miss them when the class ends this week.  Our instructor should set up a second series of classes for us to take!  It was really fun and a big learning opportunity.  I will do a blog post soon about what I learned.
  • Read part of a book – I actually found a few minutes here and there in my schedule and a book I could focus on to read!  The book I’m reading is A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron.  It’s a fun read of life from the vantage point of a dog.
  • Yoga – Early in March before things got busy I decided to take my yoga poses up a notch and try to learn a series of poses used for a sun salutation.  I enjoy challenging myself to remember a series of poses as well as challenging myself to try new poses.  I love exploring what my body is capable of doing!
  • Succulent – My daughter talked me into splurging on a succulent!  Since it requires less watering and maintenance, I have not killed it yet!  I named it Jennifer.  She sits in the window on my desk so I can enjoy looking at her while I work.  She can be great to talk to as she doesn’t say anything negative back and she doesn’t tell anyone what I told her.  Best kind of friend!
  • Supper with a friend –  I had one Friday night that I was feeling depressed and my daughter was having friends over.  Instead of sitting at home I decided to go over to a friends house for the evening.  We went to the store to find something to eat for supper.  I discovered she had never tried prosciutto before, so I decided we were going to have a night of food exploration!  I got gluten free wraps, prosciutto, and cheese.  We found some star fruit in the store and decided we should try it!  I also found some fancy gluten free cookies.  Then as we were getting some small ice cream tubs as you need available when you are depressed, I discovered she had never had Mochi.  So yup I bought some green tea Mochi for us!  It was great and for a couple of hours I was enjoying myself and feeling less depressed.

Looking Forward To April

  • More Journal time – I’m putting together great Journal prompts, but don’t always take time to journal myself.  This month I want to start following my Journal prompts more and learning more about myself through them.  Sometimes they are easy to answer and sometimes they need more thought processing to discover the answer.  I encourage you all to do the same and if you would like to share your responses you can do so on the post for the prompt in Moments For “Me” Facebook page.
  • Spring Clean Up – It’s that time o year again to clean up the house after spending a winter inside.  I’ve already got my list started and hope to tackle one small zone every day.
  • Stretches/Yoga poses – After a rough couple of weeks, I need to get back into these.  It’s what keeps my able to walk on my bad knee, ankle, and feet.   I also want to see what else I can get my body to do.
  • Spiritual self care –  With Spring in the horizon,  it is about time I start addressing my spiritual needs whether it be religious or out in nature.  It will be about exploring where I am on things in my current life rather than just my past.  I will do a blog about Spiritual self care later to share with you all.
  • Essential Oils –  Not only will I be exploring more of what essential oils can do for me and my family, but as I have previously mentioned I jumped further into it!  I have signed up to be a Young Living Essential Oils distributer.  I will soon be able to share these oils with any of you looking to purchase some of your own!  Keep an eye out on my blog for a post on Essential oils as well as my business link for you to shop!

Now you know my reflections.  Take some time to reflect for yourself on what you did in March and what you are looking forward to in April.  If you feel inclined to share, you are welcome to do so in the comments for this blog post!  Let’s make April a good month!

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  1. Sweet you got to have dinner with a friend! It’s awful when life gets so busy we don’t get soul-sister time. I’m having lunch with a friend today – looking forward to reconnecting with her.
    I’m also looking forward to hearing how you practice spiritual self-care this spring.

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