Daily Journal Prompts

Welcome to Daily Journal Prompts (DJP)!  Many people want to journal but get stuck on what to do.  These prompts are available to challenge us with our thoughts and give us direction for our journal.  You may journal your response however you want.  Some may stick with a writing journal.  Others are using bullet journals and art journal to expand their creativity.  Do what feels right to you each day.  There is no right or wrong way to journal.  Journaling is a personal experience to be enjoyed by you.  If you wish to share what you do, please feel free to comment or share on social media such as instagram  using #moments_for_me


  1. How will your routine change for the summer?
  2. Write about one of your favorite summer memories.
  3. Make a list of things you want to accomplish this summer.
  4. What does it mean to you to connect with your spiritual side?
  5. What thoughts keep going through your mind?
  6. How will you stay physically active this summer?
  7. Write about a moment you recently felt wonder and amazement.
  8. If you were a superhero, what amazing thing(s) would you be able to do?
  9. How will you eat healthy during the summer?
  10. How do you connect with your creative side?
  11. What are your favorite ways to treat yourself?
  12. Describe some of your favorite sounds and smells.
  13. Write about what you would like to pass on to your family and/or friends about maintaining a healthy body.
  14. Write about what you see when you look at the sky.
  15. What would you like to learn over the summer?
  16. Describe the best way to eat ice cream.
  17. If you could visit any state for a week, what state would you visit?  Why? What would you do/see there?
  18. What do you admire about your father?
  19. Describe the sensations you feel when you walk barefoot.
  20. What are your favorite things to feel, see, smell, and hear in the summer?
  21. Describe the warrior inside of you.   What causes do you stand up for?
  22. What are you thankful for this week?
  23. Describe a good friend.
  24. Name some ways you can use your creativity outside.
  25. Describe some ways essential oils are or could be useful in your life.
  26. What do you imagine an ideal outdoor meditation space would look like?
  27. Make a list of ways you could incorporate drinking more water into your daily routine this summer.
  28. Make a list of things you could do to relax this summer.
  29. What new activity did you try this month that you would like to incorporate into your weekly routines?
  30. List 10 things you accomplished this month!


  1. How would you like to see yourself grow this month?
  2. How do you think you can improve in your favorite form of exercise?
  3. April rain brings May flowers.  Describe your favorite flowers?
  4. Spring brings us hope of new things.   What would a new morning routine look like for you?
  5. Make a list of new activities you would like to try.
  6. When you picture yourself in a calm relaxing environment in your mind, what does it look, smell, sound, and feel like?
  7. Imagine yourself as an animal.  What animal would you be and why?
  8. Describe a dream bicycle ride.  What would you do, see, smell, and hear?  Who would be with you?
  9. Imagine yourself floating on a cloud.  What would you see below you?
  10. If you had to start over with only half the items you currently have, which items would you take with you?


  1. Things you would like to change about your life.

  2. What would life be like without electronics, computers, phones, and social media?
  3. What are your favorite things to smell?
  4. What skill do you want to learn? Why? How will you learn it?
  5. List of things that make you happy.
  6. Write a letter to someone telling them how much you appreciate them.
  7. What are your favorite intellectual activities?
  8. What are 5 big goals you have for yourself?

  9. What is your favorite product for pampering yourself?
  10. How do you take care of yourself spiritually?
  11. What in nature inspires you?
  12. Write a poem about a flower?
  13. Write down a few of your favorite inspirational quotes.
  14. Draw a pie chart of your stomach, illustrate your favorite foods.
  15. What talent or skill do you have that you are grateful for?

  16. Draw an Easter picture that makes you happy.
  17. List 10 things you love about Spring.
  18. Make a list of questions you have about life that you don’t know the answer to.  They can be silly or serious questions.
  19. Make a list of 30 things that make you smile.
  20.  Make a list of your positive qualities.
  21. What in nature are you grateful for today?
  22. Cut out a picture from a magazine and glue into your journal.  Then use your sensory words(smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound) to describe what is happening in the picture.

  23.  Describe the place that makes you feel the most relaxed.
  24.  What can you do to conserve energy or improve the environment?
  25.  Describe your favorite sport or fitness activity.  What do you like about it?
  26.   Make a list of things to do when you are bored.
  27. What improvements would you like to make to your home?
  28. Write about your relationship with each family member.
  29.   What country would you like to visit?  Why?  What would you do there?

  30.   Write about a friendship you’ve had in the past that you miss.


  1. What are your goals for the month?
  2. Create an event list such as birthdays or obscure national holidays.
  3. List 10 places you would like to visit.
  4. Random facts about “me”.
  5. What are your favorite smells.
  6. What is a skill you want to learn? why? how?
  7. How do you think you are making the world a better place?
  8. What are your favorite ways to relax or de-stress?
  9. List of funny things that happened to you.
  10. What is your favorite way to spend a Friday?
  11. Write a (unsent) letter to your grandmother.
  12. List of things you love to touch.  Why?
  13. What are some small things that make your day better?
  14. What do you take for granted?
  15. What part of yourself do you regularly hide from others?
  16. What excites you about your future?
  17. What is a favorite family tradition?
  18. Use stickers and colored tape to decorate a page.
  19. What are your favorite positive affirmations?
  20. What do you wish people would just accept about you?
  21. What gives your life meaning?
  22. What is your favorite day of the week?  Why?
  23. Fill an entire page with doodles.
  24. Write about a mindful moment you experience this week.
  25. List of things you would do if you had more time.
  26. Find a poem that you love, write it down, and then illustrate it.
  27. Sunshine makes me feel…
  28. Name 3 things you want in a relationship.
  29. What would you do if someone just gave you $1 million?
  30. What were your successes this month?
  31. What  5 childhood activities would you love to bring back into your life?