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Young Living Essential Oils

By Wendy Sprous | Moments For “Me”  | Young Living Essential Oils Distributer

Why I Chose Young Living Essential Oils?

I started out wanting to learn more about essential oils because i noticed several friends were using them for different things such as making soaps, relaxing, or even to help them and their kids to fall asleep.  I saw a flier in the newspaper about a 6 week class on essential oils being taught at an area high school, so I signed up!  I started the class skeptical of all the uses, but by the third week I was really seeing that a lot of what they were saying makes sense.  Besides since Young Living has a Vitality line approved by the FDA for supplements, they were making us delicious things to try such as peppermint brownies, fruit salsa, thieves tea, and the best lemon water I’ve ever had!  I was learning how to make things using natural pure essential oils like toothpaste, hand soap, and roll ons  that didn’t irritate my skin that normally breaks out from soaps!  My life has been limited to cleaning supplies and hygiene supplies that do not irritate my breathing or my skin for all my life.  Now I was seeing that I could add some pleasant smelling essential oils to make them more enjoyable.  I’ve learned not all oils are created equal.  Many of the ones you find in the store are not as pure as Young Living and you can smell the difference. Most oil companies do not make them safe for use as a dietary supplement.   I love the strong flavor Young Living Essential Oils adds to foods, so I picked them.  I also love the idea that of their Seed to Seal promise where they oversee every step of the process from the time it is a seed to the time it is sealed.  Young Living has their own farms that can be visited!

How You Can Get Started

  1. Click on the link below.  My sponsor/enroller number(11623116) should already be in the blanks but if it isn’t you can add it.
  2. You will be asked to pick between Retail or Member.  To become a member and receive whole sale prices(24% off of retail price), you must purchase a starter kit.  The Premium Dew Drop and Premium Home starter kits for $160 are the best deal!  You get the diffuser and 11 popular essential oils plus a few other samples in the kit.  To maintain your membership you only need to purchase $50/year!  You do not have to sell the product as a member, but you do have the option of doing so and making money for yourself!
  3. You can also add a regular monthly Essential Rewards Order of $50 or more.  With Essential Rewards you have the opportunity to earn more free products!  If you decide to become a distributer, it is recommended that you have a $100 Essential Rewards Order every month.  You can change what is in the order each month by going into the dashboard on your account, so you aren’t getting the same stuff each month if you don’t need it every month.